Spring 2020 - Volume 24 Number 2

Original Research

Prostate Cancer and Asbestos: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Frédéric Dutheil, MD, PhD; Laetitia Zaragoza-Civale, MD; Bruno Pereira, PhD; Martial Mermillod, PhD; Julien S Baker, PhD; Jeannot Schmidt, MD; Fares Moustafa, MD, PhD; Valentin Navel, MD

Effects on Medical Students of Longitudinal  Small-Group Learning about Breaking Bad News
Edlaine Faria de Moura Villela, PhD; Luana Kronit Bastos; Wanderson Sant’ana de Almeida; Andressa Oliveira Pereira; Matheus Silva de Paula Rocha; Fábio Morato de Oliveira, PhD; Valdes Roberto Bollela, PhD

Challenging the Surgical Axiom: Albumin Level Does Not Reliably Predict Development of Wound Complications in Patients Undergoing Body Contouring
Efstathios Karamanos, MD; Pridvi Kandagatla, MD; Howard Wang, MD; Arielle Hodari Gupta, MD; Aamir Siddiqui, MD

Immunotherapy Outcomes in Advanced Melanoma in Relation to Age
Krishna Joshi, MD; Dinesh Atwal, MD; Rahul Ravilla, MD; Yadav Pandey, MD; Naveen Yarlagadda, MD; Sunil Kakadia, MD; Issam Makhoul, MD; Laura Hutchins, MD; Fade Mahmoud, MD

Awareness of Heterotopic Ossification in Total Joint Arthroplasty: A Primer
Michelle J Lespasio, DNP, JD, ANP; AJ Guarino, PhD

Identifying Patients with Rare Disease Using Electronic Health Record Data: The Kaiser Permanente Southern California Membranous Nephropathy Cohort
Amy Z Sun, MD; Yu-Hsiang Shu, PhD; Teresa N Harrison, SM; Aviv Hever, MD; Steven J Jacobsen, MD, PhD; Michelle M O’Shaughnessy, MD; John J Sim, MD

Association Between Peripheral Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)/Fraction of Inspired Oxygen (FiO2) Ratio Time at Risk and Hospital Mortality in Mechanically Ventilated Patients
Jason Y Adams, MD, MS; Angela J Rogers, MD, MPH; Alejandro Schuler, MS, PhD; Gregory P Marelich, MD; Jennifer M Fresco, MD; Sandra L Taylor, PhD; Albert W Riedl, MS; Jennifer M Baker, MA; Gabriel J Escobar, MD; Vincent X Liu, MD, MSc

Aspirin Use, Compliance, and Knowledge of Anticancer Effect in the Community
Gurpreet Singh Ranger, MD; Cindy McKinley-Brown, RN; Emma Rogerson; Krystal Schimp-Manuel

A Novel Instrument for Integrated Measurement and Assessment of Intrinsic Motivation, Team Climate, and Burnout in Multidisciplinary Teams
Maya Khazei; Ali Rafik Shukor, M Biotech, MSc

Special Report

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Community Physicians: What We’ve Learned
Brian R Stork, MD, FACS; Nicholas John Akselberg; Yongmei Qin, MD, MS; David C Miller, MD, MPH

Review Articles

Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy to Reduce Wound Complications after Abdominoperineal Resection
Rebecca Gologorsky, MD; Shruti Arora; Anahita Dua, MD, MS, MBA

Primary Breast Carcinoma of the Vulva Metastatic to Lymph Nodes and Bones: A Case Report and Literature Review
Aneesha Ananthula, MD; Blake Lockwood, MD; John Savage, MD; Sharp Malak, MD; Chien Chen, MD; Issam Makhoul, MD; Angela Pennisi, MD

Clinical Medicine

Evolving Treatment of Frontal Sinus Cholesteatoma: A Case Report
Nizar Tejani, MD; Rijul Kshirsagar, MD; Brian Song, MD; Jonathan Liang, MD

Letter to the Editor

Novel use of Apple Watch 4 to Obtain 3-lead Electrocardiogram and Detect Cardiac Ischemia

Book Review

MD Aware: A Mindful Medical Practice Course Guide


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