How Healthy Is My Community—Designing a Measurement System for Leaders and Implementers


Pamela M Schwartz, MPH; Elisa Wong, MPH;
Allen D Cheadle, PhD; John M Vu, MPH

Abstracts from the Kaiser Permanente 2019 National Quality Conference

From Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic States, Northern California, Northwest, Southern California, Washington, and Program Office

Background: How does a health care organization measure the health of the communities it serves? How can it track the impact of its strategies on community health and use the information to drive decision making and planning? The Kaiser Permanente (KP) Community Health (CH) measurement framework provides a vehicle for monitoring the health of KP communities, tracking the impact of our work, and facilitating shared accountability.
Methods: The KP CH strategy reaches beyond the CH Department to bring in contributions from the entire organization, including purchasing, hiring, clinical care, and environmental stewardship. Two questions guide the measurement framework for the CH strategy: 1) how healthy are KP communities? and 2) how does KP contribute to community health? To answer question 1, the CH report compares health indices for KP communities based on the County Health Rankings with national benchmarks computed using data from all 3000+ US counties. To answer question 2, a CH dashboard provides a snapshot view of performance on key community health efforts on a quarterly basis and tracks the short- and long-term outcomes of each initiative to help us better understand our impact.
Results: We will present selected data from the 2018 CH report showing percentile rankings for the health indices, along with data from the 2018 CH dashboard showing initiative progress. We will describe how these data are used throughout the organization for planning, program improvement, and accountability.
Discussion: The KP measurement framework provides senior leaders with information to understand impact and make decisions, while at the same time providing staff implementing the work with information for monitoring and program improvement. The panel discussion and interactive activities will describe the measurement strategy; the implementation and communications plan; and the challenges, barriers, and lessons learned to date. The activities should be useful for other health care organizations seeking to both improve community health and document their progress toward achieving this challenging goal.

Abstracts from the Kaiser Permanente 2019 National Quality Conference


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