Human-Centered Design at Kaiser Permanente: A Creative Approach to Problem Solving


Jeff Hall; Connor Shea; Estee Neuwirth, PhD

Abstracts from the Kaiser Permanente 2019 National Quality Conference

From Program Office

Background: Human-centered design (HCD) has been identified as a key strategic capability across multiple industries. Member and customer experience are crucial to the success of transforming organizations. HCD at Kaiser Permanente (KP [HCD@KP]), in particular, is important in health care where the member voice is critical to delivering relevant and high-quality outcomes. HCD@KP is an internal effort to equip employees with best-in-class skills that empower them to deliver on KP’s mission to provide high-quality, affordable, health care experiences for our members.
Methods: HCD@KP is for all employees of KP with a particular focus on quality. The program customizes and spreads the HCD and codesign processes within KP’s unique cultural environment and the health care industry.
Results: As of 2018, HCD@KP programs have reached more than 5000 KP employees. The 2017 HCD@KP advanced program scored a 9.3/10 average satisfaction rating from participants from across KP in the program that included clinicians, staff, and program administrators. In the same survey, 100% of the 26 newly trained HCD@KP practitioners reported that they felt they could get better customer engagement with HCD@KP and that learning HCD tools and methods was instrumental in improving work outcomes. Eighty-eight percent also felt that they were able to produce solutions that were more innovative; 85% felt that using HCD will enable solutions that better meet customer needs. HCD@KP capability building programs are continuing to be in high demand across KP, reflecting the rapid spread HCD@KP application of processes, mindsets, and methods to deliver innovative customer-centered outcomes across KP regionally and nationally.
Discussion: Truly delivering person-centered care involves engaging with members and end-users such as clinicians and staff at every stage of our work. To deliver on person-centered care, individuals and teams within KP must be supported with best-in-class mindsets, methods, and tools. HCD@KP’s robust framework and proven ability to bring member and customer experience into projects ensures that practitioners and members are alongside KP employees building solutions that are truly relevant to their needs. HCD@KP represents 1 core initiative working in partnership with other groups within KP to put the member and customer at the center of everything we do.

Abstracts from the Kaiser Permanente 2019 National Quality Conference


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