Igniting an Inclusive Movement—Utilizing ILEaD (Inclusively Leading Through Equity and Diversity)


Laura Long, MBA; Susan Terrill


Abstracts from the Kaiser Permanente 2019 National Quality Conference

From Program Offices

Background: Kaiser Permanente (KP) aims to cultivate an inclusive climate beginning with the Inclusively Leading Through Equity and Diversity (ILEaD) program. This learning experience is part of a greater effort launched in late 2018—The Inclusive Climate Shift. This enterprisewide effort was informed and inspired by the feedback from KP employees and our bold ambitions from the Shared Agenda. ILEaD is a way for KP to cultivate an inclusive climate that makes our employees feel a sense of belonging, psychological safety, and empowerment.
Methods: We have an inclusive climate problem. By helping participants understand that each person’s identity is an amalgamation of our shared experiences, we overcome biases, build trust and connectivity, and minimize blind spots—all vital to increased engagement and shifting mindsets. Through a series of exercises, microlearnings, and facilitated discussions that can be replicated, Leading Inclusively is a necessary tool for developing agents of change.
Results: In our Leading Inclusively Executive Round Table pilot, we conducted a pre-self-assessment inclusion survey. The aggregate survey results were then distributed and discussed among participants and followed-up by individual assessment results. The findings were fascinating; for example, in every trait of the 7 attributes assessed, there was a large disparity between one’s own perceptions and the perceptions made by one’s peers. Since its inception, ILEaD workshops have been facilitated across all Regions in the enterprise and 2000 KP employees have engaged with this workshop and tool kits to date.
Discussion: In our efforts to increase engagement in the Inclusive Climate Shift across the enterprise and ultimately to create a more inclusive climate for all current and future KP employees, we strove to build engagement and excitement around inclusion, and to create and practice tangible new habits of inclusive leadership, building inclusive practices into regular team meetings, and generating commitment and behavior change.

Abstracts from the Kaiser Permanente 2019 National Quality Conference


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