The Voice: Overcome Negative Self-Talk and Discover Your Inner Wisdom

by Brian Alman, PhD

Review by Albert Ray, MD

Summer 2011 - Volume 15 Number 3

As a practicing physician for the past 35 years, I am constantly looking for new tools to incorporate into my doctor's toolkit. Brian Alman, PhD, has indeed come up with a simple, straightforward method that can help people find their "inner voice" to meet their personal challenges and reach life's goals. Amidst an abundance of self-help books on the market, this book gets the technique across in a style that the reader can rapidly remember to use over and over again. There are multiple scenarios recounted throughout the pages that will be familiar to any clinician, or for any human being who reads and soaks up the wisdom contained therein.

These are simple, quick, and effective skills that any patient can develop and improve with practice. The individual must learn three easy steps to tap into the caring voice of one's inner wisdom. In this way, s/he can successfully deal with any physical or emotional challenges from the past, the present, or the future. Through this "find-your-voice process," readers begin the process of working with themselves, instead of against themselves. These teachings are based on Dr Alman's own personal experiences that he learned dealing with his own personal health, and on the education he received from his beloved teacher, Milton Erickson, MD.

The three steps to true success are referred to repeatedly in the book and are outlined as follows: 1) Experience Your Challenge, 2) Judge Your Challenge, and 3) Resolve Your Challenge. These steps will enable readers to tap into their inner voice of wisdom and to learn to interact with the inner critic or judge who is responsible for the negative self-talk that we all encounter every day of our lives. Now readers will finally be able to deal with adverse childhood experiences of the past, issues in the present, and the concerns of the future with a new sense of confidence. In short, the readers will finally become the person they are meant to be.

This book provides great healing power, and what safer and more effective treatment can one have for mind-body healing? This wisdom can be taught by a physician to the patient in only a few minutes via the numerous down-to-earth examples that are provided in the book, or can be learned by the patients themselves since they are so clearly outlined. One will literally be using all of one's senses by following the different scenarios that are presented. What better teacher is there than learning the proper methods to listen to one's inner voice or TruSage as Dr Alman describes?

The usefulness of this book is that it will empower those who read it with practical tools they can count on to treat such quality-of-life issues as weight loss, pain control, relief from addictions, stress reduction, problem solving, and chronic disease management. In this way, each person has a chance to achieve an extraordinary change by learning how to experience, judge, and resolve the past, present, and future challenges we all face.

Those who read the book will gain a new understanding of the gift of their own intuition and true authentic self. Readers will focus on breathing, take notes, and draw with their nondominant hand, and practice the imagery of sitting in a movie theater and watching themselves onscreen, receiving judgment from the inner critic sitting in the 50th row and then achieving resolution of conflict by tuning in to the TruSage sitting in the back row. Once readers learn to hear the sound of their inner voices to help overcome their negative self talk, they will discover their inner wisdom as a partner forever.



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