Overdosed America, The Broken Promise of American Medicine

by John Abramson, MD

Review by Howard I Kushner, PhD

Winter 2007 - Volume 11 Number 1


Frustrated by increasing numbers of patients arriving with drug advertisements and a "fixed idea ... of the outcome they wanted ..." internist John Abramson, MD, concluded he could "... help people to achieve better health ..." if he uncovered "... what the scientific evidence really shows and explain this to the public."1:xii He discovered "... a scandal in medical science." "Rigging medical studies, misrepresenting research results published in even the most influential medical journals, and withholding the findings of whole studies that don't come out in a sponsor's favor have all become the accepted norm in commercially sponsored medical research."1:xiii This corruption has been hidden by a "... complex web of corporate influence ... exacerbated by an interlocking financial arrangement between "... trusted medical experts and the medical industry ..." that results in conflicts of interest.1:xiii According to Dr Abramson "... there has been a virtual take-over of medical knowledge in the United States, leaving doctors and patients little opportunity to know the truth about good medical care ..." And, despite the "enormous costs," both the quality and delivery of health care in America has declined. Not only has the industry co-opted the mechanisms of evaluation of effective treatment for widely accepted illnesses but it has colonized the healthy population by the construction of new disorders transforming risk factors into diseases that putatively require long-term and expensive prophylactic medications.


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