Journal Entry, June 14, 2000

Kitty Evers, MD

Spring 2005 - Volume 4 Number 4


Journal entry, June 14, 2000
Meditation: "How you spend your days is how you spend your life"
How do we make room for spirit in our patients and in ourselves? Whether we call it faith, or instilling
hope, or ... there is much in healing that is beyond logic, beyond our medications, beyond our procedures... not instead of these things but aligned with them.
What is it that the patient and the family bring to the table? What do we, by the gift of ourselves,
bring? It is not only our knowledge and our experience as a physician, not even just our compassion ...
The gift we also bring is in being there, present and whole: mind, body, and spirit, walking with the
"Being present" is too easy to forget in the ordinariness of one more patient in one more long day ...
and in the forgetting, and in the fatigue, we sometimes settle for the mechanical ... then we lose our own meaning ... the source of our own joy.
As people, it is the "ordinary" in our days that soothes and heals each one of us. When we experience a
loved one in danger, it becomes so clear in that moment what is important ... The background noise
fades and we pray for just an "ordinary day."
"From the hands of God to our hands ..." I don’t remember where those words come from, but I know as a physician that is what we are given in our daily work ..


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