Winter 1998

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Winter 1998 - Volume 2 Number 1

Clinical Contributions

Ambulatory Open Shoulder Surgery
Raymond A. Sachs, MD; Jennifer H. Smith, BS
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Managed Genetic Care in the Largest HMO:
The Challenge of Providing Genetic Services to 2.7 Million Members
Ronald P. Bachman, MD; Edgar J. Schoen, MD
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Natural Rubber Latex Protein Allergy Prevention and Expsure Control
Enid K. Eck, RN, MPH; Eric Macy, MD; Wendy Huber, MD
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A New Era in Colorectal Cancer Screening and Surveillance
Seymour Grossman, MD
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Perspective--Kaiser Permanente Medicine 50 Years Ago
Morris Collen, MD; Elizabeth Anderson, MD
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Health Systems Management

Systems Challenge for Primary Care and the Specialties:
Relationship and Access--A Roundtable Discussion
Panelists: Patricia Behlmer, MD; Tony Bianchi, MD; Andrew Golden, MD; William Caplan, MD; Steve Lieberman, MD; Walid Sidani, MD
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Achieving Clinician Use and Acceptance of the Electronic Medical Record
Michael A. Krall, MD
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The Coming Tidal Wave: Genetic Testing
Al Weiland, MD
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Editors' Comments

Tom Janisse, MD; Aruthur Klatsky, MD; Scott Rasgon, MD; Lee Jacobs, MD.
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External Affairs

Cultural Competence in Health Care:
Another Aspect of Kaiser Permanente's Commitment to Quality

M. Jean Gilbert, PhD.
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The Presidential Commission and Health Care Reform
Donald W. Parsons, MD.
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Keeping Abreast of Permanente in the News
Tom Debley.
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Abstracts of articles authored or coauthored by Permanente clinicians
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A Moment in Time

Anesthetic Agents of the Forties and Fifties
Carl Fisher, MD
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Letters to the Editor

Your letters will link quarterly issues and create more dynamic exchange on the Internet.
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Book Reviews

"Color Atlas of Regional Dermatology"
Gary M. White, MD
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Soul of the Healer

Evany Zirul, DO, MFA 

"Toupees by Al"
Evany Zirul, DO, MFA

"Punchbowl Falls, Oregon"
Stu Levy, MD

Gracie in my Heart
Bob Randolph
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Couplets to a Pre-Existing Condition
Ronald R. Louie, MD
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Gopal Nemana, MD
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The Lighter Side of Medicine

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