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Summer 1997 - Volume 1 Number 1

Original Research

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Shoulder Pain With Picular Attention to Diabetics
Jeffrey A. Cohen, MD, David M. Collier, MD. and Karl F. Gross, MD.
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Clinical Contributions

Maternal and Neonatal Morbidity Associated With Lowering of the Cesarean Delivery Rate
Robert S. McDuffie, Jr, MD, Albert D. Haverkamp, MD, Brenda Beaty, MSPH, Marilyn Leff, MSPH, and Miriam Orleans, PhD, Professor
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The Epidemiology of Alcohol and Cardiovascular Diseases
Arthur L. Klatsky, MD.

Ethical Principles in Clinical Practice
John Davenport, MD, JD.
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Beneficial Effect of Mustache Washing On Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms
Patricia McNally, MD, John Simpson, MD, John Vroom, MD, and Pamela Winder, MS, RN.
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Health Systems Management

Northeast Division Affiliation With Community Health Plan, A Staff Model HMO
Stacy D. Lundin, MD.
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Computerized Expert Health Assessment With Automated Health Education
David M. Paperny, MD, FAAP.
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Patient Satisfaction: Comparing Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians
Roderick S. Hooker, PA, Ron Potts, MD, and Wendy Ray.
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Medical Legal Update

Reducing Risk by Improving Communication
Teresa M. Kielhorn, JD, LLM.
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Editors' Comments

A Voice of Permanente
Tom Janisse, MD, Phillip M. Brenes, MD, Mary Durham, PhD, Lee Jacobs, MD, Scott Rasgon, MD, and Ek Ursin, MD.
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The Permanente Federation and Partnership: Our Path to a Successful Future
Oliver Goldsmith, MD.
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Lost Signals
David Lawrence, MD
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External Affairs

The Health Care Dynamic from a Physician-Purchasers' Perspective
David S. Pratt, MD.
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School Connections: Linking Low-Income Children With Affordable Health Care
Carmella Gutierrez.
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Case Study: The Intersection of Public Policy and Permanente Practice in Emergency Services
Patricia R. Salber, MD and Donald W. Parsons, MD.
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Preparing Physicians for Media Interviews Helps Them Communicate More Comfortably and Effectively
Jim Gersbach.
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Abstracts of articles authored or coauthored by Permanente clinicians
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A Moment in Time

The Development of the Social Mission of Kaiser Permanente
Merwyn R. Greenlick, PHD.
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By the Numbers

Permanente Medical Groups At a Glance
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The Lighter Side of Medicine
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Soul of the Healer

Last Day in Residency
Michael Jaffe, DO.
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Victor David, MD.
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On Growing Old
Victor David, MD.
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Losin' Control of the Reins
Arthur Schlosser, MD.
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They All Know
Thomas Paluch, MD.
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"My Attitude to Smoking."
Evany Zirul, MFA, MD, DO.

"Visit to the Nursing Home."
Evany Zirul, MFA, MD, DO.

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