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The Permanente Journal is a MEDLINE-indexed, peer-reviewed journal of medical science, social science in medicine, and medical humanities. Free full-text access is available online. We welcome submission from all disciplines related to medicine.

The Permanente Journal practices a continuous electronic publication model. The online journal is the version of record (ISSN 1552-3775), with articles published on our Web site with an epub date and full-text citation, and regular deposits to MEDLINE. The Permanente Journal (ISSN 1552-5767) is published in print quarterly (February, May, August, November).

The Permanente Journal conducts single-blinded peer review on all published articles and strives for a 100-day decision-to-publication schedule with a goal of 30 days from completed submission (all required forms completed and manuscript assigned to an Associate Editor for review) to first decision.

Please note that Authors should prepare a 280-character tweet regarding their article to submit with their manuscript.


The Permanente Journal seeks to advance knowledge in scientific research, clinical medicine, innovative health care delivery, and medical humanities through publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed articles, and to promote the betterment of public health.

The journal’s objectives include maintaining high standards of editorial integrity independent of special interest; publishing peer-reviewed articles on a diverse range of medical topics; fostering consideration of important issues affecting medicine, health, health care, health policy, and health care delivery; achieving a high level of ethical medical journalism that is timely, credible, and enjoyable to read; sharing a multidisciplinary study of medical practice and health care; and considering a broad range of scholarly contributions, including original research, review articles, clinical articles such as case reports and image diagnosis articles, commentaries and editorials, narratives in medicine, and medical humanities.


Before submitting a manuscript to The Permanente Journal, please review the Manuscript Preparation Instructions as well as the Manuscript Submission Instructions. Manuscripts should be submitted online at:

Forms required at submission:

Author Form – A direct link is emailed to each author and coauthor when the submission process is completed. The Author Copyright and Disclosure Form must be completed by all authors before the review process may begin. Please note: Copyright does not transfer until publication.

Informed Consent – Any manuscript that includes identifiable patient information (Case Reports, Clinical Medicine, etc), must include informed consent from the patient.

IRB – Any manuscript that has been submitted for institutional review board approval, whether given or deemed unnecessary, must include a copy of the IRB letter.

Photo Release – Any manuscript that includes photographs of individuals who are identifiable, must include a photo release signed by those individuals.

Other forms required before publication:

Acknowledgee Form – Any individuals named in the Acknowledgment section of the article must complete and return an Acknowledgment Form before publication.

Reprint Permission – Authors must obtain permission to reprint any material taken from another source (Tables or Figures from another journal or Web site). This must be submitted to the production office before publication.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

The Permanente Journal Editorial Office

Katy Drawhorn; 503-813-3286  

Max McMillen at; 503-813-4387

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The Permanente Journal welcomes requests for reprints and reproduction. Use of any and all published materials is copyrighted and protected.


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27,000 print readers per quarter, 15,350 eTOC readers, and in 2018, 2 million page views of TPJ articles in PubMed from a broad international readership.


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