Reviewer Resources and Instructions

Reviewer Invitation

After a manuscript submission is assessed, the Editor chooses expert reviewers to invite to review. Editors base their choices on the "keywords," "areas of interest," and "specialties" each reviewer has identified in his/her user account.


Invited reviewers receive a notification Email that includes the manuscript title, author(s), and abstract. This Email also includes links to either Accept or Decline the invitation. If you, the reviewer, are unable to complete the review within two weeks, or if you feel unsuited for the topic or perceive a potential conflict of interest, we ask that you notify us immediately and please recommend a colleague or peer as an alternate. This helps us get the best possible feedback for articles as well as expand our pool of expert reviewers.


Reviewer Disclosure Statement


We are required to obtain one signed disclosure statement from each reviewer per calendar year. This statement confirms that there are no conflicts of interest. If your conflict of interest situation changes, however (ie, change in employment or funding), a new disclosure statement must be submitted. This form is attached to the invitation Email and it can also be downloaded here. Please note that reviewer CME credit cannot be granted if your Reviewer Disclosure statement has not been submitted.


TPJ Review Process


The Permanente Journal uses a single-blinded peer review system, meaning that author identity is available to reviewers, but reviewer identity is not available to authors.


When you accept an invitation to review, an Email is automatically sent to you. This Email contains a direct link to the manuscript page where you will find radio buttons to access pdf and html versions of the manuscript, as well as dialog boxes for completing your review.


You can leave and return to this page at any time (first make sure to SAVE your progress!).


To access your reviewer center and manuscripts for review, first go to: and then enter your username and password. Contact us if you have forgotten them.


Once you are logged in, the Main Menu will be displayed. Click on "Reviewer Center," where you will find the manuscript you are reviewing listed under "Awaiting Reviewer Scores." Next, click on the manuscript title or on the "View Details" button to begin reviewing the manuscript. The "HTML" and "PDF" buttons will allow you to view the manuscript in a new window.


You have two weeks to complete your review. Please complete all sections. See Guidelines – How to Conduct Your Review for more information on writing your review.


When you have completed your review and are ready to submit it to the Editor, click "Submit."


Once your review has been submitted, it is sent to the Editor for consideration in making a Decision. After Decision requesting minor or major revision, authors are given the opportunity to revise and resubmit. Authors are encouraged to respond to reviewer comments in writing. If available, you can view this feedback by clicking the blue "Author Response" button on the manuscript review page.


Our expert reviewers greatly contribute to the high standards of The Permanente Journal, and we thank you for your present and future participation. 


If you have any questions or concerns about our process, please do not hesitate to contact the Editorial Office at (503) 813-3286 or


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