Abstracts from the Kaiser Permanente 2017 National Quality Conference

Abstracts from the Kaiser Permanente 2017 National Quality ConferenceHealth Achieved Through Lifestyle Transformation (HALT): The Power of Lifestyle to Reverse Chronic Disease
Rajiv Misquitta, MD, FACP; Rachel Kitazono, PsyD; Lisa Edwards, RD, MBA


Incorporating Life Care Planning into Specialty Care Populations
Matthew Handley, MD; Melissa Stern, MBA


Cultural Medicine: Speaking Up at Kaiser Permanente
Grace Balbuena; Vanessa Benavides, JD; Quristin Coleman; Kathy Gerwig; Linda Leavell, RN, PhD


Transforming the Health Care Response to Intimate Partner Violence
Brigid McCaw, MD, MS, MPH; Lyn Yasumura, MD; Tracy Flanagan, MD


Proactive Risk Assessment Using Simulation to Optimize the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Framework and Improve Safety
Georgina Ottaviano, BSN, RN-BC; Huy Huu Nguyen, BSN, RN, CHSE


Benchmarking Inpatient Antimicrobial Use: Is Risk-Adjustment Possible?
Kalvin C Yu, MD; Elizabeth Moisan, MS; Gunter Rieg, MD


Supportive Care for Complex Needs—Kaiser Permanente Care Team Management Models
Tracy Ellen Lippard, MD; Stacey Moret, MOT, OTR/L; Michelle Wong, MPH, MPP


Depression Care Management from Implementation to Expansion: “No More Wasted Years”
Jennifer Stamps, MBA, RN, CPHQ; Ann Wells, MD; James Hardee, MD


Engaging Kaiser Permanente’s Business Side in Community Health Promotion Using a Data Visualization and Hotspot Mapping Tool
Dana Barnes, MPH; Samika Ramirez, MHA; Jeffrey Reynoso, DrPH


Consistent, Efficient, and Effective A1C Management to Goal: Novel Approaches from Kaiser Permanente Kern County, San Diego, and Northern California
R James Dudl, MD; Todd Martin, X; Benjamin Ha, MD; Richard Dlott, MD


Fundamentals of Evidence-Based Care: How to Find, Evaluate, and Use Evidence in Your Quality Journey
Helen Wu, PhD; Craig Robbins, MD, MPH, FAAFP; Qiana Amos, MPH; Mary E White, MLS


Streamlining Screening to Treatment: The Hepatitis C Care Cascade in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Carla V Rodriguez, PhD; M Cabell Jonas, PhD; Kevin B Rubenstein, MS; Yan Sun, MS; Michael Horberg, MD; Bernadette Loftus, MD


Branding Urgent Care: A Journey in Shifting Acute Outpatient Care Away from the Emergency Department
David Glass, PhD; Kathy Kigerl, RN, MN; John Shohfi, MD; Michael Neri, Jr, MD


Prospective Calling for Spanish-Speaking Diabetic Patient Pilot to Improve Failed to Keep Appointment Rate
Lily T Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS, CDE; Erica T Chen, PharmD, BCACP, CDE; Sue Colby, RN, BSN, MPA-HSA; Meena Pai, MD; Annabelle Zabal, RN, BSN, CPC


Applying the Stepped Care Model to Chronic Pain Management
Heidi Clune, MD; William Gersch, PharmD; Laurence Hren, MBA


Optimal Starts for End-Stage Renal Disease
Philip Madvig, MD; Joanna Mroz, MPH


Achieving Spread and Breaking Down Silos: From Managing Tonsillectomy Pain to Reducing Pediatric Narcotic Usage
Anna H Grosz, MD; Greg Berman, MD


The ROUTE to Reducing Patient Harm: Preventing Hospital Acquired Pneumonia in Northern California
David Witt, MD, FIDSA; Donna Patey, RN, CNS


The Sacramento Medical Center Discharge Prescription Improvement Process
Jimmy Munteanu, PharmD; Linda Yee, PharmD; Dan B Dong, PharmD; Jeff Mierczynski, PharmD; Qui Nguyen, PharmD


Time is Brain: Redesigning Stroke Care at Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Jeffrey G Klingman, MD


Rome was not Built in a Day: Creating a System of Support and Structure for Unit-Based Teams to Thrive
Lisa Sperduto; Delmy Deloa; Delilah Jimenez; Kia Vue, MS; Ryan Darke, MHA, FACHE


Improvement is a Mindset, not a Department
Lynn M Garofalo-Wright, MD


Taking Total Joint Replacement Surgery and Care to the Next Level
Violeta Rabrenovich, MHA; Kate Koplan, MD


To Spread or Not to Spread: That is the Question …That Evaluation Can Answer
Jim Bellows, PhD; Ana Jackson, PhD; Courtnee Hamity, PhD; Margaret Wang, PhD; Lunarosa Peralta, MPH; Care Management Institute, Center for Evaluation & Analytics


Current State and Next Steps for Specialty Palliative Care
Wui-Leong Koh, MD; Daniel Johnson, MD, FAAHPM




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