Echocardiogram for Pericardial Effusion

Echocardiogram for Pericardial Effusion

Joseph Gascho, MD

Perm J 2015 Winter; 19(1):82 [Full Citation]

Was it by accident they found it—
another test for other woes?

Now they want to know how big it is,
and if it keeps the heart from filling full
with each diastole.

I see an inch of fluid on every side.

It grew so gradually, I would guess
you never knew. Your heart as always,
goes about its tick-tock duties,
never knowing something's wrong.

I wonder if they'll stick a needle in,
suck some fluid out, to see
just what the stuff's made of—
or maybe play a waiting game,
repeat this sonogram a month from now.

There was a time, if it was me,

I'd have begged them
to pierce my chest so I could know.

To know is good,
my doctor teachers always said.

But now I'd tell them no.

Ignorance may not be bliss,
but knowledge never is complete.

Learn one fact, only to find
you must make another choice.

nother thing you didn't know you didn't know.


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