House Calls

House Calls

A film by Ian McLeod; produced by Gerry Flahive

Review by Richard Della Penna, MD

Summer 2009 - Volume 13 Number 3

Every physician who cares for frail older people or has aging parents, relatives, and friends has much to learn from this film. It is a proverbial "must see." This is especially true for those who have never had the enriching and transformative experience of making home visits to their patients who can no longer easily come to their offices because of their conditions. This 55-minute documentary provides at once a joyful and distressing glimpse into the lives of three people who call Mark Nowaczynski, MD, their doctor. It gives physicians the opportunity to get beyond the walls and isolations of hospitals and medical offices and reconnect with the humanity of their patients.
Dr Nowaczynski identifies himself as a passionate photographer and a committed physician who makes regular home visits to essentially homebound patients. Joe, age 86 years, has Parkinson's disease and lives in his own home. Connie, age 93 years and partially blind, has a heart condition, recently fractured her arm; all this and her reluctance to allow someone help her bathe have her oscillating between her apartment and a retirement home she cannot afford. Ria, lives at home at age 90 years, and has severe osteoarthritis and pain in her knees.


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