Attaining Comprehensive Health Care Improvement is Imperative

Attaining Comprehensive Health Care Improvement is Imperative


The Merging of the Work of Two Pioneers: Dr Weed & Dr Berwick

Lee Jacobs, MD

Spring 2009 - Volume 13 Number 2

How about sitting with Lawrence Weed, MD, and Donald Berwick, MD, in the same week? Granted my time with Dr Weed was one-on-one for three hours in his living room in Vermont and my time “with” Dr Berwick was as part of an audience of 6000 attendees at his National Forum on Quality Improvement in Heatlh Care in Nashville, TN (December, 2008). I felt privileged to listen to the journeys of these two men who have had such a dramatic effect on how medicine is practiced today.

Dr Weed and Dr Berwick have much in common. Both have a passion for and a vision of how to improve health care. Both have played major roles in improving health care over the past few decades. Both are pioneers and as such have for years endured the criticism of their skeptics and the accolades of their followers. Both are leaders of significant movements that have and will continue to affect health care in the US and around the world. Both provide real solutions to waste in health care. And, most importantly, both want to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for each individual patient encountering the health care system while at the same time lessening the chances of being harmed.

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