An Unusual Cause of Elevated Values on Liver Function Tests in a Liver Transplant Patient

An Unusual Cause of Elevated Values on Liver Function Tests in a Liver Transplant Patient


Ankur Jain, MD; Amandeep Sahota, MD; Najeeb S Alshak, MD; Jim K Tung, MD

Spring 2009 - Volume 13 Number 2


Biliary obstruction and rejection are two of the most common causes of abnormal findings on liver function tests (LFTs) in patients who have already undergone liver transplantation. Here we present a post-transplant patient with jaundice. Tests showed that he had no hepatitis B surface antigen before transplantation; he received a core antibody-negative liver. He was not previously vaccinated against hepatitis B, however, and acute hepatitis B was found to be the cause of his increased values on LFTs. His case demonstrates the need to keep a broad differential during laboratory workup of such patients and to vaccinate those patients at risk for acquiring hepatitis B or developing complications.


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