Play Golf Forever

Play Golf Forever

by Michael Jaffe, DO; Brian Tarcy (sportswriter) and Ron Brizzie, DO

Review by Bruce E Bekkar, MD

Summer 2007 - Volume 11 Number 3

Filled with clear, concise descriptions, practical advice, and simple instruction, Play Golf Forever uses this popular sport as a way to address the chief cause of disability for many of us: low back pain (LBP). Most importantly, the book provides an effective map to recovery from this difficult problem. Michael Jaffe, DO, an experienced physiatrist with the Southern California Permanente Medical Group in San Diego, Brian Tarcy, and Ron Brizzie, DO lighten the physiology lecture with real-life examples of famous golfers as well as some ordinary patients. Their statistics reassure us that although back pain is very common, most people improve without treatment, and that less than 1% of LBP is due to life-threatening illness or requires major surgery.

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