Why Now Is the Time to Enact Health Care Reform

Why Now Is the Time to Enact Health Care Reform

George Halvorson

Summer 2007 - Volume 11 Number 3


We spend more money on health care by far than any other country and yet nearly 50,000,000 Americans are uninsured at least part of the time each year.1 To make matters worse, well-documented studies show us that nearly 50% of the time American patients are receiving less than adequate, inconsistent, and, too often, unsafe care.2

We have reached the point where both health care delivery and health care financing in America need new directions. The old approach isn't technically broken--because it continues to function--but it performs at unacceptable and unaffordable levels in far too many ways for far too many people. Our current approaches to care delivery and health care financing are sadly inadequate for what we need health care to do in this country today.

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