You Gotta Be Crazy! Tales of My Practice in Rural Maine

You Gotta Be Crazy! Tales of My Practice in Rural Maine

Ronald Blum, MD

Summer 2007 - Volume 11 Number 3

Medicine Around The World

It is easy to believe that what we do and believe medically in the US must generally be the way medicine is viewed and practiced all over the world. In our efforts to understand the diversity of the practice of medicine around the world, we continue to explore the experiences of physicians around the world as they describe their medical practices, that we all may better understand the wide range of what we do.

Several months ago, back in "moose country," I met Ronald Blum, MD, a big city doctor practicing in a tiny and obscure town in rural Maine. His professional life was so different from the typical large US city practice that I thought he had a tale worth telling and even suspect that some of us might be a bit envious.

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