Doctors and Patients Using an Electronic Health and Medical Record: Research Studies Offer Multiple Views of 21st Century Health Care

Kaiser Permanente, The Permanente Medical Group, The Permanente Federation

Tom Janisse, MD

Spring 2007 - Volume 11 Number 2

"I already know you better (after several e-mails) than the internist I was seeing since 1990," wrote a new patient of Chuck Kilo, MD, MPH, at Portland's Greenfield Health, who believes that the relationship between doctors and patients is built on continuous communication, requiring multiple modes and encounters.a With the developing electronic capability that doctors and patients now have, to complement their traditional forms of interaction--the office visit, the hospital visit, the telephone--they can form quicker and deeper relationships than previously possible; and both can access data in a common electronic medical record. All of the Original Articles in this issue represent a research and applications view of various components of this developing integrated electronic capability.



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