The Wheezing Cherub, Her Earth Grandmama, and OUR LOSSES

The Wheezing Cherub, Her Earth Grandmama, and OUR LOSSES
Ed Ruden, MD

Spring 2006 - Volume 10 Number 1

Natalie is my sonorous Wheezer--The Orchestra in her chest is rarely in Tune--Alveolar Anxiety

She will come in with Raucous Cacophony and

appear to have just finished a 50-yard dash


I Treasure her serendipitous visits

Rosey Cheeks, the Thickest Light Brown Ponytail,

Those Gifted Round Eyes

The Heavenly Angel Reads to US while being

NEBBED with OUR Misty Solutions to relieve the

Frothy Rigid PUlmonary MILKSHAKE ...

BOOKS Of Joy, OF HOPE, of HUGS and Kisses, of

Teddy Bears and Soft, Fluffy Creatures ONE would

like to crawl into bed with when our Bones are damp

and aching

Grandmama is Her most capable Caretaker since the

young one's earliest years

Such a Tragedy--MOM's death from a Lymphomatous

Lecher in her prime

The mid-50s SAVIOR is a bundle of nurturing energy,

a 60s lady grown wise, mellow, with Rainbow

vestments and Iridescent fingernails

I unveil the recent Demise of my own Father

We weep together and Breath out Long Serene, Unobstructed

Exhalations to Placate our Grief ...

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