Emergency Cardiology: A Review of Recent Literature

Emergency Cardiology: A Review of Recent Literature


Amal Mattu, MD

Fall 2006 - Volume 10 Number 3



At the University of Maryland Emergency Medicine Residency, members of the emergency medicine faculty each review a different organ system so that the department stays familiar with current literature. I enjoy emergency cardiology, so that is the topic I review. The articles for this review come from a database of more than two dozen American and European cardiology, emergency medicine, and internal medicine journals examined weekly. In addition, with other faculty members, we use several abstract services to ensure that we do not miss important articles from other journals. Altogether, we review several hundred articles, editorials, and reviews each month, which are selected because they reflect some important change in the standard of care. For the most part, these are all original research articles. Two final criteria are relevance to emergency medicine and conclusions that are supported by the data.

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