Kaiser Permanente Women's Health Center of Excellence in Culturally Competent Care

Kaiser Permanente, The Permanente Medical Group, The Permanente Federation

David Newhouse, MD; Maria Servin, MSW; Mala Seshagiri, MS, RD

Winter 2005 - Volume 9 Number 1


In 2002, Kaiser Permanente (KP) launched its Women's Health Center of Excellence in Culturally Competent Care in the KP Northern California Region's Greater Southern Alameda Area (GSAA) Service Area, which includes the KP Fremont and Hayward Medical Centers. The KP National Diversity Program Offices' Institute for Culturally Competent Care made this designation of excellence possible. The Institute has awarded designation of Center of Excellence in Culturally Competent Care to KP facilities that are hallmark models of health care delivery to KP's diverse membership. The designation is an internal KP award. Centers develop innovative approaches to delivering clinical care customized to respond to the unique cultural beliefs and health practices of diverse member populations.

Winter 2005 Cover



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