Spiritual Moments

Spiritual Moments

Naomi Newhouse, MS, CNM

Summer 2005 - Volume 9 Number 3

Ms Newhouse: Growing up in a small rural community, I had the opportunity to watch the lives of many friends and community members unfold over time. I knew why Mrs Jones had horrible headaches and why her daughter was often sick. By watching, I learned that what is wrong with our lives soon becomes what is wrong with our bodies and our minds.

This realization drew me to midwifery and sculpted my practice. The care I provide is patient centered. I ask questions and listen hard. The expert is sitting in my office. Working with thousands of women over the years, I have come to appreciate that the patient is intimately acquainted with her circumstances and knows what will or will not be effective. She ultimately holds the responsibility for any choices made, and she will bear the consequences. This is all about her.

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