William Goldsmith, MD

Spring 2005 - Volume 6 Number 3

Smoke and sip bad coffee in this dingy ward
Schizophrenic guy
Is your affect flat or are you bored?
Oriented where and when and why?
Hearing voices?
Ah, what do they say?
Do you have a hard time making choices?
Motivation low to work or play?
I’ll apply pure neuroscience
Block your synapse dopamine
Sure you’ll soon relapse from non-compliance
Again to schizophrene
Lest UR pounce I’ll document your stay
Now let’s go beyond the mental status
Relate as two who must get through the day
And have a conversation, gratis
Ringmaster condescends to clown
Yeah, I’m the doc and you’re the schiz
I wear a suit while you endure a gown
My ego’s fairly whole, yours crumbled bits
But I like you, patient friend, a lot
Affiliative thirst requires slaking
We are more alike than not
Both flakes who only differ in the flaking.

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