Spring 1998 - Volume 2 Number 2

Original Research

Satisfaction, Commitment, and Psychological Well-Being Among HMO Physicians
Donald K. Freeborn, PhD
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Clinical Contributions

Acute and Suppurative Appendicitis: Disease Duration and its Implications for Quality Improvement
Kirtland E. Hobler, MD
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Relation Between Physical or Sexual Abuse and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
George F. Longstreth, MD
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Kaiser Permanente Medicine 50 Years Ago:
Fat Embolism
A. Bernard Gray, MD; Nathan Meadoff, MD.

Jerry L. Schilz, MD
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Written Instruction and Compliance with Return Visits for Reading Mantoux (PPD) Skin Tests in a Large General Pediatric Practice
Harold J. Farber, MD
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Health Systems Management

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Comes to Kaiser Permanente
Lydia S. Segal, MD
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Care Management: The Next Level of Innovation for Kaiser Permanente
Peter Juhn, MD; Neil Solomon, MD; Helen Pettay
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A Word from the Medical Directors
KFHP and the PMGs: A History of Partnership
Michael Chaffin, MD
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Touching the Customer by Understanding Employees: Preliminary Linkage Research Findings from Four Regions of Kaiser Permanente
Sherilyn M. Kam, PhD; Scott M. Brooks, PhD
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A Strategy for a Permanente/Academic Partnership in a Small Medical Group
Barney D. Newman, MD; Eliot Moshman, MD; Karen S. Edwards, MD, MPH; Martha S. Grayson, MD; Elizabeth K. Kachur, PhD; Martin Klein, MPH
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Effectiveness of Influenza Immunization Postcard Reminders Among Seniors Vaccinated the Previous Year
Allison E. Clayton, MPH; Heather Homestead
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Editors' Comments

Tom Janisse, MD; Arthur Klatsky, MD; Lee Jacobs, MD; Scott Rasgon, MD
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External Affairs

OPMG's New Head Seeks "Will" to Secure KP-Ohio Future
Derek A. Barnett
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As Bad As It's Been
David O'Grady
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Kaiser Permanente Cares for Kids
Linda Kotis
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The State of Managed Care in the Union
Donald W. Parsons, MD
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California Managed Health Care Improvement Task Force
Dennis O. Flatt
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Abstracts of articles authored or coauthored by Permanente clinicians
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A Moment in Time

Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound--A Short History
Don Glickstein
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"To Serve the Greatest Number," by Walt Crowley. A Book Review
Abraham B. Bergman, MD
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Letters to the Editor

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Book Review

"Final Choices: To Live or to Die in an Age of Medical Technology," by George M. Burnell, MD
Roger E. Rinaldi
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Soul of the Healer

Sandhill Cranes
Janet Neuburg, MD

Unfinished Dominican Monastery
Janet Neuburg, MD

Earning a Second Doughnut
Mark Katz, MD
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"Still Life with Bananas",  "Vase with Plant" , "Watercolor House" , "Vase of Flowers"
Stephen Bachhuber, MD
Art , Art , Art , Art

The Lighter Side of Medicine

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