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E-pub 05/20/2020

Redressing Underrecognition of “Cold Drink Heart”: Patients Teaching Physicians about Atrial Fibrillation Triggered by Cold Drink and Food


E-pub 05/13/2020

Breast Cancer: Lifestyle, the Human Gut Microbiota/Microbiome, and Survivorship


E-pub 05/13/2020

Narrating the Cycle of Life


E-pub 04/29/2020

Utilization of Secure Messaging to Primary Care Departments


E-pub 04/22/2020

Influence of Psychosocial Factors and Parafunctional Habits in Temporomandibular Disorders: A Cross-Sectional Study


E-pub 04/22/2020

Our Guest


E-pub 04/22/2020

Image Diagnosis: Eccentric Target Sign of Focal Toxoplasma Encephalitis


E-pub 04/21/2020

A Pharmacist-Led Program to Taper Opioid Use at Kaiser Permanente Northwest: Rationale, Design, and Evaluation


E-pub 04/21/2020

Death by the Numbers


E-pub 04/21/2020

Psychometric Properties of the Problem-Oriented Patient Experience—Primary Care (POPE-PC) Survey


E-pub 04/16/2020

Surgical Reconstruction of Cocaine-Induced Cleft Lip: A Case Report


E-pub 04/16/2020

Narrations In Psychiatry Training


E-pub 04/16/2020

Neodymium Magnetic Bead Ingestion in a Toddler


E-pub 04/16/2020

An Evaluation of the SCORE Program: A Novel Research and Mentoring Program for Medical Students in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Otolaryngology


E-pub 04/10/2020

Sequential Changes Advancing from Exercise-Induced Psychological Improvements to Controlled Eating and Sustained Weight Loss: A Treatment-Focused Causal Chain Model


E-pub 04/03/2020

The South Asian Paradox


E-pub 04/03/2020

Image Diagnosis: Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Mimicking an Acute ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction in the Setting of Anti-Depressant Therapy Withdrawal


E-pub 04/03/2020

My Introduction to Mission Surgery: A Diary


E-pub 03/23/2020

Transition at TPJ


E-pub 03/18/2020



E-pub 03/18/2020

Footsteps on the Floating Dock


E-pub 03/18/2020

Capturing Risk Associated with Childhood Adversity: Independent, Cumulative, and Multiplicative Effects of Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Family Violence on Mental Disorders and Suicidality


E-pub 03/18/2020

Pharmacist Medication Management of Adults with Attention Deficit: An Alternative Clinical Structure


E-pub 03/13/2020

Primary Functioning Neuroendocrine Tumor of the Appendix with Hypoglycemia Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of Neuroendocrine Tumors


Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching and Psychiatric Care Collaboration in a Multimodal Intervention for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Case Report
Elizabeth Ahmann, ScD, RN, PCC, NBC-HWC; Katherine Smith, MPH, ACC, NBC-HWC; Laurie Ellington, MA, LPC, RCC, PCC, HMCT; Rebecca O Pille, PhD, MS, CHWC, CWP

Confusion vs Broca Aphasia

Confusion vs Broca Aphasia: A Case Report
Regina Wang, MD, MPH; Christi Wiley, MD


Image Diagnosis: An Uncommon Cause of Painful Trigeminal Neuropathy
Rita Raimundo, MD; Inês Rego, MD; Andreia Veiga, MD


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